Obviously a huge amount of effort & time goes into producing an episode of Lowering the Tone. Delivering a 2.5 hour show that includes an interview and a DJ mix that is of the quality you would expect on a release is no easy feat. 

We would like, not only to continue delivering this standard of show, but progress to achieving even greater heights. Inclusive of having more than one guest per episode and entering into the realm of debates, in depth discussion and even video podcasting. So, needless to say, we still need to buy a bit more kit to make this happen. 

I have included a ‘donate’ button so if you are feeling generous, drop a few $’s, £’s or €’s into our Paypal and leave a little message so that I can acknowledge your contribution on the show. Whatever you can do, will be greatly appreciated. If you are not in a position to help financially just simply share the link with a positive comment as that is a big help too.

Another way of helping the show is simply paying/donating a fee of your choice for any of the tracks I have available up on Bandcamp, this money will be going directly towards helping the show.

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