Meat Katie

My name is Mark and I record as Meat Katie & run the LTT label,  I host my own Lowering the Tone podcast and co-host Setting the Tone with Ben. I live in Kingston which is a suburb of London, it’s very quiet where I live, Nadia say’s its boring but I like it. I’m currently trying to grow my hair longer than Ben’s.

Matthew Miles

This is Matthew Miles and he is from Wales but that is not why he is featured here, he is an extremely gifted graphic designer who has helped me from the beginning with Lowering The Tone art and design, he also co-runs an awesome record label called Death Proof Recordings who if you are not aware of you really should check out. if you wish to touch base with him then head off to:

Ben Coda

My name is Ben and I record as Ben Coda, I host my own Lowering the Tone podcast and co-host Setting the Tone with Mark. I’ve been writing and DJing progressive techno for about 10 years now, and am the good looking half of techno live act Nanoplex. I also have the most hair out of the Lowering the Tone presenters.

Nadia Bobali

Nadia Bobaly helps with keeping things flowing in the right direction; mainly with a lot of shouting, she is also equipped to deal with anything to do with Lowering The Tone  label & Podcast too- a bit of an all seeing eye, if you want to submit original ‘unsigned’ music (no mixes please) feel free to contact Nadia here:

Dan Van Dahl

Dan has wonderful hair and really balances things out with some other members of the collective who are not so blessed in that department. Based in Amsterdam Dan has a reputation for being one of the top visual designers. We are very proud to have him on the firm looking after the LTT moving images.

You can contact Dan at:


This is Rachel, she’s been a booking agent for over 15 years, she knows what she’s talking about. We’ve heard she knows how to party, and she’s yet another member of the crew whose hair Mark and Ben are envious of. 
Give her a shout if you want to talk about booking Ben and Mark.

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