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Mark (Meat Katie) & Ben (Coda)

Meat Katie & Ben Coda - Just Quiet (Remixed)
Following on from the huge success of Meat Katie & Ben Coda's 'Just Quiet' single at the end of 2016, we are proud to present a varied and diverse remix package featuring friends of Lowering The Tone, Neurodriver, Dopamine, Ettica & Charlie Kane, all of whom explore the many strands of the Progressive/Techno genre with great effect! 

Listen/Buy: Beatport
Meat Katie - 'Lowering The Tone’ Episode 18 (With Chicago Loop Interview) 

This time round I had the pleasure to sit down with Ant Wilson Aka 'Chicago Loop' and have an in-depth chat about starting your career again from scratch, life after the London Acid Techno scene and naming himself after a ring road in America.

As I have mentioned before these are not so much of an interview more of just a laid back conversation that veers off in all directions, that's the charm though IMO, listening back to this one I think it will appeal to DJ’s who wish (and do) travel because Ant is a well seasoned DJ who has some great stories of his on the road experiences around the globe, I found his story petty inspiring I hope you do to.

As you should expect by now I explore many genres mix wise but keeping it Techy based. As promised in the show I will bring back the ‘Deeper Selection’ next episode.

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I hope you like it, talk soon

Mark (Meat Katie)


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